7 years of research and artistic experience in scientific communication


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With my experience, I can help you enhance the visibility of your results and save time in preparing any visual material. Nobody knows better than you that “time is gold” within a project, counting on the support of a professional service helps to ease the scientific dissemination process.

The secret for a good service is the communication between the illustrator and the client. For that reason, you can get your images and follow its evolution in four easy steps:

  1. Send your idea  or requirements and I can advise you on the best way to illustrate your work and how I can help.
  2. Later, you can plan an initial meeting to give me all the details of your project so as to offer you the best service.
  3. You will shortly receive an initial sketch of your idea that you can change and we can discuss the details.
  4. After this phase, you will receive the final design to pass a second review before the work is finished and delivered.

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Figures and line drawings

Line- shaded drawings

Full detailed – continuous tone drawings 

Color illustration/diagrams

Illustration of stories and tales

Graphs and maps

Design and illustration of identification sheets


Design and graphic support in oral communications.

Posters for conferences

Editorial design and layout of popular science magazines.

Creation of outreach materials.

Information panels



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Don’t hesitate to send your draft and the details of your project for a totally free personalized quote