Your research and your project are going great, and you know you’re getting important results, but …

Sometimes complex research is difficult to transmit so as to have the desired impact.

Scientific communication has become an increasingly important part of scientific research projects. To ensure that your results are transmitted beyond the scientific community they need to also be interesting and understandable by other target audiences, like governments, NGOs and society in general.  Getting papers written, data collected and planning for the next proposal doesn’t always leave enough time to spend on communication… but don’t let all that effort invested be let down by lacklustre graphics that fail to clearly transmit the key messages of your project.

 Your results are the identity of your project and can accurately show the true importance of your work


It is time to take advantage of all your work and to transmit in an attractive and convincing way who you are, what you do and above all, why you do it.

But, what obstacles are you finding?


 You have no drawing abilities or time to fight against illustration and edition programs.


Your results are interesting, but you don’t know how to translate them visually.


You know that there are services of scientific and outreach illustration, but do not know where to start or how to apply them in your benefit.

I want to help you to get your goal:

Make yourself more visible, more professional and make the right impact in a range of target audiences through the development of graphic content and illustrated materials.